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Scholarship & Endowment Management

The Scholarships Module maintains information about scholarships and endowments, their donors, their purpose and criteria, and their recipients. It tracks allocations and awards by period and stores updated payment activity for each recipient. Multiple scholarships and endowments can be associated with a common fund to simplify accounting processes. Additionally, important documentation such as applications and correspondence can be attached and filed.

The Scholarships module helps you:

  • Create scholarship fund profiles
  • Allocate award amounts by period
  • Track awards to recipients by period
  • Associate scholarships to colleges and departments
  • Improve donor stewardship
  • Increase visibility of donor involvement across scholarship programs
  • Automate reporting on fund balances and use of monies

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Scholarship Details Alumni Scholarship Management

Connect Donors with Scholarship Recipients

Automate stewardship reporting with the Scholarships module of Agilon's One. It tracks details about endowed funds including contributing donors and important contacts for the fund along with the fund's purpose and award criteria.

Scholarship allocations and awards are tracked by period and includes payment activity for each recipient. Award details are included in the recipients profile for growing their relationships as future donors.

Multiple endowments can be associated with a common fund to simplify accounting processes. Important documents and correspondence can also be attached to records.

Agilon's integrated scholarship and endowment management provides another dimension for understanding your donors and building their profiles.

Establishing early relationships with recipients creates opportunities to convert them to donors in the future.

Communications between donors and fund recipients facilitates stewardship and builds propensity for future giving.

Donors/fund contacts, allocations, and award recipients can all be exported to XLS, CSV, TXT, or XML directly from the Endowment/Scholarship page.

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Donors, Contacts, Allocations and Awards Scholarship Management for Donor Relations

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